In this case study we discuss and demonstrate how we increased and now regularly maintain a higher than average reach for one of our clients the Manual Company, a high end fashion leather goods manufacturer.

There are many discussions on the subject, whether  Facebook  organic reach is dead and what to do to increase Facebook Organic Reach. We will show you a concrete example, with statistics that we used to increase organic reach including:

  • Facebook’s algorithm changes
  • The research we conducted
  • Our process for content publishing
  • Results
  • Future

Facebook  Algorithm Changes

Okay so it might be an old story by now, no more free advertising on Facebook, you got to pay to play. Organic reach has fallen with average posts now reaching just over 2%. A lot of companies are struggling to adapt to the new changes, having spent a lot of money initially to collect likes, they now are struggling to reach their audience, but is it all bad news?  We  don’t think so. Facebook wants to increase the quality of content on the users wall, as well as users satisfaction so it’s giving its users what they want. That is their right, and unfortunately we just have to go with the flow and like all good Marketers we have to adapt to the new changes. In the case of the Manual Company, we didn’t panic or drastically change our approach, instead we put more time into analysing the statistics of the page and this is what we found.

Our research

You probably already know how to use Facebook statistics and if you don’t then you really need to start or you are wasting your time. It is very important to gain an insight into your page’s audience, as this provides a lot of great data that can be used to formulate a Facebook content strategy that will provide a higher ROI. We found that 80% of our audience were women between the ages of 18-44 years old, this provided us with an insight of who are target audience was but we still needed to determine what content our audience wanted and expected from the Manual Company page.

In the next chart you can see exactly who are audience was.

Facebook organic reach chart

What kind of posts do women prefer to share or like? After our research we came to the conclusion that women preferred to share images of beautiful places, pictures with beautiful colours, fashion images and lifestyle images. Having listened to our audience, we then created a new content strategy that would appeal to and engage our fans. This involved reconsidering our approach to content publishing on Facebook, where we reduced the number of sales / product promotion posts and put a greater emphasis on providing engaging and relevant content.

We launched a new way of content publishing


  • published photos of  products and sometimes photos from Manual’s fashion shoots
  • published 5 posts (daily)


  • publish posts which appeals appeals to our audience 5 – 10 times (daily)
  • publish only 1 or 2 posts that feature our product (daily)

How it looks today

6.064 People Reached – 432 Likes – 14 Shares – 1 Comment

12.496 People Reached – 1.138 Likes – 36 Shares – 43 Comment


With a new way of publishing we have achieved:

  • Overall better engagement from our fans
  • More likes on our page
  • Higher organic reach (now is about 8% of total fans and growing)


In the following diagram you can see what’s happened in the last 90 days.

Facebook post reach in 90 days

As you can see we have achieved significant growth in Organic Reach.

Comparison of periods

If we compare the last 60 days with the previous 60 days, we can easily see how much we grew our audience reach organically.

Facebook post reach in 60 days comparison

The key is to balance posting with social listening as this will unlock what your audience wants. By taking the the time to listen to and analyse your audience you can build a picture of their needs and expectations. Facebook is also about experimenting, if what you are currently doing isn’t working tweak your approach and keep testing.

The Future

It is clear that businesses are going to have to start investing in Facebook advertising if they wish to grow their audience but growing your audience shouldn’t be at the expense of engaging with your existing audience. By giving fans what they want you can still maintain a higher than average organic reach as demonstrated in our case study.

We hope this case study was of benefit to you and gave you some tips  that you can implement for your own social media strategy. Feel free to add a comment and have your say, we would love to hear from you.