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Search Engine Optimisation is a continous process, which requires time and expertise, but investing in an effective SEO strategy can be one of the most cost effective and profitable digital maketing activities your business can do.

Our Search Marketing expert can help your business gain visibility and get found on Google. Reaching the first page of Google results is critical to the success of your business online but we don't just stop there. We strive to get our clients into the top 3 ranking of Google results which in turn generates a higher rate of traffic to your website. As SEO is a process and not a quick fix, our aim is to partner with businesses and create a mutually beneficial long term relationship where we continually provide support for your SEO and digital needs. Check out our SEO process below, we are a white hat SEO agency, meaning we don't do shortcuts or quick fixes, we are professionals and we don't want Google knocking on your door with penalties for bad practices.

Our SEO Process

  • Site Architecture

    Our process starts with reviewing your website, how it's structured and what needs to be fixed to make it SEO ready. We then review your business objectives and target market to asses what SEO strategy will suit your business.

  • Keyword Research

    Having conducted an intial review, we then begin to research the keywords that are aligned to your business and to your target audience. We find out what your target customers are searching for and also review your competitors SEO strategy.

  • Onpage Optimisation

    This phase involves carrying out work on your website including integrating keywords into your websites content, images and many other factors such as your page loading speed and the general layout of your website.

  • Offpage Optimisation

    Our team looks into the outside factors that are external to your website but effect your rankings. This involves building quality links directing to your website and developing engaging and targeted content to drive quality traffic to your website.

  • Analyse & Tweak

    As SEO is a process, performance needs to be reviewed regulary and ongoing tweaks made to ensure your website maintains high rankings and is out performing your competitiors. As Google regulary updates its ranking factors, adjustments are required but are team takes care of this, leaving you to focus on running your business.

The best place to hide a dead body is page 2 of Google search results.

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